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Interstellar (film review)


In today’s society, the idea of spending a shit ton of time and money prioritized for making a movie seems ludicrous from one perspective. But we likely underestimate the impact, influence, and inspiration we receive from watching a film for a couple of hours. Perhaps it got us through a day, a month, a year- how can we gauge that importance or prove we’d even still be alive if it were not for a film, a song, a piece of art, and so on? I'm not raising "art" on a pedestal, but contemplating the value of art in modern society. Why do these hardcore artists and filmmakers go through all the time and trouble to manifest their works? Perhaps because they love us so much, they love life and art- and it’s incredibly devastating in a beautiful way.

Directed by Christopher Nolan (reason to see Interstellar off the bat), this project was at least 800 terabytes of work (and some still frames alone took 100 hours of rendering) requiring thousands of computers to generate the wormhole scene alone- that turned out beyond their expectations and influenced the science-community as a matter of fact. The film's seed started from works of Carl Sagan way back in the 80's then Spielberg was going to make the film but handed it to the Nolan brothers.

Best "space" movie I've seen and much deeper than average outer-space films that are usually about failing missions and portraying mostly astronauts dangling in space trying to fix crap , plus this one has a lot of heart. If you are into good film-making (especially Nolan's past works), Astronomy, Universe, time and space, science and quantum physics, spirituality and love- then you have no excuse not to see this film (however I would highly expect a film like this is way better on the big screen as it was intentionally made for). If u have grown to appreciate Matthew Mcconaughey much more since his stellar role in Dallas Buyers Club and the show True Detective, I highly recommend Interstellar. I found it very inspiring. (not doing the star-rating thing)

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