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Out of the box creativity + neighborhood empowerment

We can actively pursue more creative lives and live more out of the box, its a choice. As much as it is important to do the best we can to take care of ourselves and our families, there is no reason to go it alone in so many ways. We can choose to collaborate and invigorate our neighborhoods. We can choose to create more creative and welcoming environments that foster more love, acceptance, well being and optimistic vibes, sharing-potential, safety, and creative opportunities- especially for our children and the generations to come.

People could utilize their towns, properties and lawns (and cut costs) in more creative ways: It is within our power and our rights as Americans to create our own realities and circumstances. We can choose to live drab, complacent, and colorless lives, or we can choose to cultivate our creativity individually and collectively.

We can choose to attend town-hall meetings and work with our community leaders more often. Some towns will be more liberal as far as property-owners rights and each town is different. Some towns will be willing to block off entire streets for social things like festivals, music and bands playing in the street, parades, and more.

Some ideas:

-Big food gardens (even in the front yard), micro-gardens/raised beds, multi-level ones

-Share/trade food and produce with neighbors, manage fruit/veggie stands

-Custom made miniature-golf courses (multi-level, combined with micro-gardens and more)

-Build wind-mills to power houses, appliances, guest houses, mother-in-law apartments, etc.

-Creative additions/remodeling: roofs with glass rooms/widows watch for meditation, yoga, relaxation rooms, observation deck/star-gazing/telescopes, play rooms, game rooms, music and art rooms, and more.

-Garages, small barns, cottages, carriage houses, etc. can be utilized for art,music, dance, performance, multi-media production studios and private or community venues; creative community centers to host workshops, share skills, teach classes, generate income via Airbnb, generate income as an Artist in Residency/potentially allowing for international guests-volunteers-work trade-exchange students, and more.

-Block parties can be organized, even on a regular basis.-Social gatherings could be empowering, and on recurring basis.

-Reading/book-clubs, church groups, spiritual groups, creative arts groups, and more can be formed.

-Daycare/babysitting share systems could be developed to cut costs.

-We can choose to buy nice and expensive lawn-mowers or consider talking with our neighbors about the potential of sharing one (and other items).

-Community music and arts festivals (which can be fundraisers for charities or efforts to help others pertaining to addictions and wellness concerns).

-Talking circles, emotional support groups and meetings, addictions support groups and more can be formed- aside from the ones that already exist and may be available in your town.

-Community groups and clubs can be formed: biking, skateboarding/roller-blading, walking/running, knitting, making stuff from recycled materials, and more.

-Service work groups and clubs can be formed: sharing some time to help others (and veterans) that are elderly, disabled, or struggling.

-Clubs and groups already exist and may be accepting new members (such as Lions club, Freemasons, and more).

-Safety and preparation groups that discuss things like what to do during emergencies pertaining to weather, power outages and more, can be formed.

-Group road-trips, vacations (shared costs and carpooling), time-shares, home/property trades and more can be organized.

I say more creativity in the street-name department! I'm not sure who gets to decide the street and road titles when new ones are made, but here are some fun suggestions:

Rad Rd

Dream Cat St

Mix and Match Blvd

Awesome Lane

Lovin Vibes Rd

Sweet Mission Dr

Co-optimists Dr

Quantum Shepherd Circle

Hot Hot Hot Rd

Super Cool Dr

We also tend to live inside of the box when it comes to the neighborhoods we live in. I was raised in a comfortable suburb outside of Buffalo, NY and we had a great field behind our house (dead end st). Back in the 80's it seemed suburban neighborhoods were more vibrant- there were more people outside, kids playing and riding bikes, block parties, etc. When I drive around similar suburban areas today I don't see that same vibrancy. I've driven around on warm and sunny days and no children were outside playing (likely inside on phones, computers, or playing video games). Aside from the fact nature and the outdoors are good for our well being (mind, body, and soul), I feel people aren't as free or nearly exercising their freedoms and rights like they could be. Changes in the economy, financial and societal pressures (sink or swim), and the impact of technology (internet, phones, etc) definitely have something to do with this. Part of my mission is to offer creative suggestions and imagery of what neighborhoods (especially the suburbs) can look like- from a perspective I believe is creative, socially healthy, empowering, and could save or generate money. This sort of stuff is happening in some parts of the nation and cheers to those that are manifesting.

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