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Passionate Blog Alert: Elevated. "Vacation"

Passionate Blog Alert: Elevated. "VACATION"

2016 (revisions October 2017)

Work Work Work, until your body hits the ground? I don't think so. Food for Thought: We can't afford to not take VACATIONS- they should be mandatory!

The declining rate of vacations (Americans especially) is sad. Much more can be achieved from a state of higher vibration and prioritizing our wellness (which includes taking vacations, yea I need one). It is most often a fear based choice to rule out a vacation because one cannot afford it. America is amongst the top 3 for heart attacks and health issues related to work stress. We would benefit from adopting various lifestyle aspects (and some socialist based models) Scandinavians and Europeans succeed with. Yes, their taxes are A LOT higher, yet everyone I know from that part of the world tend to travel 90% more than most people I know in America. I won't go deeper into other social and political themes intertwined here (or maybe I will, just remember, you are choosing this). I will say from my experience, choosing out of fear does not pay more than risking from faith. A slight example- one summer while we were at a cottage on Seneca Lake, I ended up making more money that week (by floating on a tube, soaking up the sun, and enjoying myself) versus typical weeks where I often work 12+ hour days, stressing about money. Maybe it was just a coincidence- but it didn't feel like it.

There are millions of ways to get creative with 'how to live' (and invent 'vacations' when you REALLY can't afford one). Once you can get past the inherited illusion of our immense separateness, and realize that perspective can change (and evolve) despite the fact we've lived this way for SO LONG- you might see a potentially brighter world ( I see signs! ) where simple concepts like sharing, working together, and living meaningful lives become more popular than 'items' like the latest I-Phone). Perhaps a world that is driven more by creativity and passion than consumer trends, media and marketing influenced peer-pressure, and the "bottom lines" of greedy corporations that don't understand that there will likely come a day they no longer can profit, when the very planet they walk on becomes too infected from their ignorance and pollution. There is a difference between blaming and facts- there are corporations doing things that most people may believe to be destructive, manipulative, and lacking in compassion for humanity and the planet. Its not my job or desire to try and stop them. I believe that when enough people "wake up" and join more creative and productive trends, the older models of thinking and operating (businesses+) will naturally change.

If conspiracy theories were true pertaining to these incredibly organized secret groups that control everything (and have the immense intellect to do so), then vacations would be free. Overworking, burning out, and getting sick is blatantly counterproductive and serves no one. If it were true that most of us (98-99%) are slaves for the wealthiest 1%- one might assume "they" would (and wisely so) intend to assist with our wellness (mind, body, soul) in order to enhance our productivity and longevity (in the work-work-workforce)- a small price to pay in the long run-and wouldn't a majority of motivated and cheerful slaves be preferred over cynical and exhausted borderline zombies?. I've come to realize there is no "Us and Them", there is just "Us". The game isn't exactly fair, and its up to us to find the information that best serves us.

Looking FURTHER: once the big STRUGGLE story ideally becomes an obsolete and filed away in a time capsule for future beings wonderment on how out of touch we were... Brighter days? Meanwhile, I choose to strive towards prioritizing my own wellbeing (which in turn affects others positively)- and this isn't a walk in the park. Self sabotage patterns can be incredibly stubborn. But beyond the crippling winds of fear, I will choose to seek more effective collaborations with like minded individuals that may feel they are here to definitely change the game in creative and productive ways. I have nothing to complain about, I am incredibly grateful and feel lucky to be me- and that is in part why I feel I have something to offer others.

Sometimes I reflect on the artists, innovators and pioneers throughout time that I've admired, and guide my own passion and dedication into creating the reality I really want. As so, it is my right as an American. Potential may be viewed as a burden, but it is by no means an ethical responsibility. Do nothing. Or, Risk, fall, get up, forward.. Be nice. Communicate. Ego exists, and they say its days are numbered. Buckle in Kids. This is the real deal, its not a rehearsal or television show. Life is a luxury, a chance, every day. We age, we get old, we are temporary. The moon has seen us all. This is a sliver of time. I'm in.

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