some poems from 1990-2017

Copyright 1990-2017. All Rights Reserved.

You were the sauce in my plain spaghetti fucking world.

The bass in this trebley ass place.

And even though I am sometimes the E on your gas gauge,

you have always been the tape on my ripped boot.



Dig God

God digs you



You are not my you

I am not your me


Use yourself

You rose

before peoples ideas

dry you up







Gentle like a good day

Gentle like a better day



In time

I hope

by then

It’s done




Who is responsible for negotiations between God and Satan

And why are they on the fucking payroll?



The moon does not belong to you

The moon has seen us all



Baked not freud





American Dreamers wake up and demand

Life is happening beyond 'On Demand'



Poetry reading 2008 (Hilbert College, Hamburg NY) - Jason Pfaff
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poetry reading @ Hilbert College