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Raised in Williamsville, NY, and born into a musical family, Jason is primarily a self-taught musician that started playing piano and drums by ear from an early age.  Jason's father- a drummer and a deejay, taught him to mix records at weddings and parties. His mother (a piano teacher) and sister (a pianist, cellist, and bassist) were also influential. In 1992, Jason formed his first serious band- the Indie Rock force trio Rainbow Girls.  With the help of producer Andrew Buscher (Happy House Studio) and Buffalo promoter Frank Tedesco, they quickly became one of the most esteemed Buffalo bands of the '90s. Signed to the Buffalo-based Cashcow Recording label, their internationally released 7" record was received critical acclaim in Bilboard magazine. Working for about four years, they toured the region and notably opened for Elk, Mule, and Ween. Then, rejecting calls from major labels (and working outside of the music industry per se), Pfaff went on solo to compose mostly Classical and experimental Electronic based music. Jason began composing music for local feature films in 2010, and due to the cinematic nature of the majority of his discography, he engaged in the world of music licensing. Aside from producing others (with a knack for helping artists release debut material), Jason licenses his music to independent filmmakers, small businesses, and multimedia artists worldwide.

In the 90's- collaborating with progressive artists, musicians, deejay's, and event curators in the peak of Buffalo's Electronica scene- Pfaff focused on genre-defying electronic-based works under the name Ribcage (Emergency Poncho Records). Ribcage raised some brows, but was most profoundly appreciated by the late artist Craig Reynolds (Basta!, Soundlab founder), who published an in-depth review of the album in its entirety in BASTA! magazine. In 1999, Jason submitted a track from his Ribcage LP to Future Music magazine (UK) and won their featured-artist contest, before leaving the music scene entirely for several years. He enrolled in a Master's program for Holistic Healthology via the  American Institute of Holistic Theology, while vigorously focusing on alternative medicine and holistic wellness for the decade to follow.


In 2000, Jason returned to college to study Theatre, Acting, and Film Studies- then again in 2005 to study the Classics and Music Business. He studied Piano, Percussion, and Voice with prominent Buffalo-based musicians such as Jim Kurzdorfer, John Bacon Jr., Gary Rutkowski, James Flood, Barb Powrie, and Adrienne Tworek-Gryta- obtaining a Bachelors of Science and Associates of Applied Science from Villa Maria College- while interning at Ani Difranco's Righteous Babe Records. He later achieved certification diplomas from the Hollywood Film Institute.  In 2007, Jason served as a music tutor teaching music production and video-making workshops at various inner-city school programs, while enjoying an opportunity to play drums with a stellar group at The Praise Tabernacle Gospel church.  Throughout the decade, Jason produced and performed at many creative community-based events- including several larger-scale multimedia events, benefits, and fundraisers such as 'battle battle' (2008)- while releasing two albums entitled 'battle battle' (EP 2007, LP 2009).  In 2013, Jason and his son Luke released a sentimental collection of improvised songs that were selected from over a seven-year period entitled 'MEAL: The All American Father and Son Improv Experience' .

Jason has produced for and shared the stage with Eric Crittenden, Jeremy Cochise Ball, Janice Mitchell, Laura Aiisha, Sara Rodriguez, Steve Baczkowski, and Scantron- to name a few.  Pfaff has also taught privately and volunteered for Compeer, The Buffalo International Film Festival, Buffalo Infringement Festival, Powder Keg Festival, and the Music is Art Festival. He has performed for Moving Miracles and other charity-based events.


From 2005-2016, Pfaff created the music genres Multidimensional and Shepherdcore, while self-releasing half a dozen albums via his own small label- Illuminaughty Records. Notably, his experimental album 'Moon Bone' became a best-seller on Bandcamp. Dabbling with Hip Hop music production and remixing: Jason's remix of Peter Gabriel's 'Games Without Frontiers' was voted 2nd place by fans worldwide via Indaba Music- and his remix of 'Symphonies" by Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi was voted 1st place by fans worldwide (also winning an Honorable mention from the judges). During this time, he won several other Indaba awards for original songs, such as Spinning Birds Kick Digital Mixtape #2 and #5, and Grand Prize for the Indaba Music Artist "Soundtrack" Series.  Jason worked with the renowned Buffalo-based Hip Hop producer 'Cochise' on several albums throughout these years and continues to freelance as a Hip Hop producer. He has also collaborated with many artists and dancers for a series of events at Buffalo's Alt Theater, Wasteland Studio, and with several Buffalo-based dance troupes (including the Contact Improv group), while having also led a fun musical collaboration with break-dancers at Buffalo's Thursday in the Square.

In 2013, Jason created Warm Jets Music (audio production and music licensing) with the help of Stefan Nicolo- then founded Multidimensional Music Publishing company in 2016. Jason released a Punk-Electronica album MUSIC FOR ULTRAS (EP), featuring a tribute song and video for his late sister Kristen Pfaff, entitled  'Serfs Up' (featuring Janitor Joe). The track features samples of Kristen's bass riffs from her pre-Hole band Janitor Joe. Music for Ultras became an experimental live performance side project consisting of original music and experimental deejay mashups. Music for Ultras (featuring Scantron) performed throughout 2016, notably three performances for the Buffalo Infringement Festival, and Veg Fest at Riverside Park in Buffalo. In 2017, Jason organized and produced The Full Throttle Festival (featured inside of The Starfall Festival) in light of the opioid epidemic in WNY. In late 2016, Jason released an Ambient compilation album  'Love, Time, & Space and co-created the album cover with Dutch visual artist Immo Jalass- and worked with artist Sarah Blakeman for his most recent album "Spaceship Blues" (2018). Spaceship Blues is Jason's first fully produced album with vocals, released via Multidimensional Music Publishing. Despite a catastrophic injury in April of 2019, Jason returned to music in December of 2020 and released the single "A New Dream". He is currently limited in his capacity to make music- but has been focusing on other arts.  Aside from music: Jason has published poetry and continues to work on writing for sketch comedy and film (including a screenplay 6 years in the making), standup comedy, blogs and podcasts, invention concepts, and life coaching. At his creative core, Jason hopes to inspire others and form new innovative and stellar collaborations. Jason is also helping with two major projects to honor his late sister Kristen’s memory, a book and documentary film currently in development.

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